Academic Programs

Interdisciplinary Studies is an interdisciplinary degree program designed to educate and train students to explore the connections and relationships that exist between different areas of study and to pursue their unique interests. IDS affords students opportunity to create an individualized, flexible, customizable academic program of study to prepare for a wide variety of future opportunities.

B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Arts and Humanities curriculum provides a wide-ranging Interdisciplinary arts education allowing students to take a variety of courses in the arts, sciences, humanities, behavioral and social sciences, foreign languages, writing, and mathematics. Ideal for transfer students with many credits in those disciplines and for all students who want to stretch intellectually.

B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies: STEM-H prepares students for careers that combine the sciences with other disciplines (such as art, literature, history, or social and behavioral sciences, for example). This is the degree for students who have a strong interest in science, yet also wish to take courses in non-science areas. A graduate of the BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: STEM-H program might, for instance, minor in both biology and technical writing, with plans to become a medical editor in the future. This is an ideal degree to pursue for students who want to attend a professional program such as Medical, Dental, Veterinary, or Physician’s Assistant post-graduate programs.

B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies: Professional students create a curriculum that includes a minor from one of the professional colleges or with professional experiences. Most of the professional minors come from Colleges of Business and Public Management, Education and Social Work, and Health Sciences. However, there are several “professional” minors in the Colleges of Arts and Humanities and the Sciences and Mathematics.

Degree BA* BS* BS
Track Arts & Humanities # credits Stem # credits Professional # credits
General Education 40/41 40/41 40/41
STEM-H 3 15- self-designed concentration 3
Behavioral/Social Sciences 3 15- self-designed concentration 3
Humanities 3 3 3
The Arts 3 3 3
Foreign Language 12-15 - -
Self Designed Concentration (may include minor courses) 15 See above 15
Electives/ Concentration @ 300+ (may include minor courses) 30 21 (9 @ 400) 30
IDS 300 & IDS 490 ** 6 6 6

Additional elective credits needed to reach minimum 120 credits

Minor Requirement: All IDS degrees require at least one minor.

* A math course higher than MAT 103 is required for both degree tracks, but MAT 101 MAY be accepted for Professional Studies Track.

** IDS 300 is waived for students who transfer in 90+ credits