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CAPC Proposal Process

Approvals Timeline Summary August 2023



Utilize CIM (pronounced Kim), our curriculum management software, to submit course, policy, and program proposals to CAPC.

Thinking of proposing a brand new program? Click here!

  1. Have you reviewed with your subject librarian the library holdings for key journals, texts, and databases to support the new program?
  2. Have you reviewed with your subject librarian how WCU holdings compare with peer and aspirational peer institutions?
  3. Have you discussed the idea with your Dean?


If you answered NO to any of the questions above, please reach out to the appropriate contact person prior to continuing with your program proposal.

Use the links below to access CIM forms and training. (Faculty members who joined WCU in 2015 or later will need to be added to CIM before logging in. Please contact Patrick Richard for assistance.)

CIM-Approvers CIM-Course CIM-Policy CIM-Programs

Utilize this screen to edit, review, and approve a proposal that has reached your queue in workflow.

Utilize this form to edit, add, reactivate, or inactivate a course, including making changes related to gen ed, distance ed, and condensed format.

Utilize this form to propose new division, college, or department policies. The form is also used to add policies to specific programs of study.

Utilize this form to edit, add, reactivate, inactivate, or delete a program. This replaces the old Program Action Form.

The proposal deadline for the December General Assembly is October 14, 2024. Proposals must at least be at the CAPC Support step in order to allow adequate time for approvals and implementation. 

Patrick Richard is now serving as support for our CAPC processes. Feel free to

contact Patrick Richard.


CIM Open Lab Opportunities

If you have questions on a proposal that you're currently creating or editing in CIM, now is your chance to sit down with CAPC Support and the CAPC Chair for in-person assistance. Please bring along a laptop or a tablet, unless a computer lab is indicated as the location.


for the session you wish to attend, as space is limited.

  • Fall 2024:  Wednesday, September 11, 1 pm - 3 pm (Location TBD)
  • Fall 2024:  TBD, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm (Zoom link forthcoming)

Frequently Asked Questions: CIM

Does it matter which internet browser I use?

Yes. While CIM will work on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer, it is recommended that you use either Chrome or Firefox. CIM only works with the most recent versions of Internet Explorer.

How do I know if my course proposal requires full CAPC review or if it can go through circulation?

In general, if the course you’re editing or adding is an elective, then it can go through circulation.  Depending on the type of change (e.g., new course, credit amounts, gen ed attributes) most required courses must go through full CAPC review.  If a change in the type of review is warranted, CAPC Support will adjust the workflow at the appropriate step.

How do I know if my course or program proposal requires CPE review?

Any course or program that involves the preparation of teachers or other school professionals must be reviewed by the Council on Professional Education.

How do I use the search box in CIM?

For a course, enter in the course abbreviation, a space, and the number or enter in part of the course/program title with an asterisk on either side, much like you would use quotation marks to search.

How do I know where a proposal is located in workflow?

Access CIM-Course or CIM-Program, search for the course or program, and look at the Workflow list on the right-hand side of the proposal.  The role in orange is where a proposal currently stands. 

How do I edit a proposal once I've submitted it?

Once a proposal has been submitted to workflow, you only have access to edit it if it's in your queue in CIM. If the proposal is at a different step, for example the Department Chair or Dean, then you'll need it to be rolled back to you.

Once the proposal has been rolled back to you, you'll need to go into the CIM-Approvers screen to access it. Simply use the link for CIM-Approvers above, then search for your name (if you are the preparer) or your role (if you are the Dept. Chair, Dean, committee chair, etc.) in the "Your Role" drop-down menu. Once you do that, you will have access to any proposals in your queue. You can then edit, rollback, or approve.

When editing a course, do I click the “propose new course button?”

Only select “propose new course” when you are creating a brand new course. If you are editing an existing course, search for the course and then click the Edit button.

The system is asking for something that I know is not required for my change. Do I still have to upload/fill in the field?

The system wants to see that something is uploaded or that the field in question is filled in, but it does not care what you put there. Use a dummy Word doc to fill a required upload, or hit the space bar a time or two to fill a required field. Be sure to check in with CAPC to make sure the upload or field is truly not required.

Do I have to complete the SLOs for simple course changes?

Yes, please complete this field. We’d like to populate the SLO field for all courses, and the only way to do that is to complete this field the first time you make an edit to a course in CIM.

I’m the preparer, why does the proposal seem to come to me again?

The preparer appears in CIM a second time, so you have a chance to review the proposal before it heads off to the appropriate CAPC committee. If edits are required, this also allows CAPC committees to roll a proposal back to you for those changes at step 4 or 5, instead of step 1.

I’m a chair. Why does my department secretary get CIM notifications when proposals come to me?

Department secretaries appear in the chair roles with their chairs, just in case a department admin ever needs to access a proposal on a chair’s behalf.

I have a number of course changes to make. Is there a way to do one large proposal?

Unfortunately, no. CIM syncs with PeopleSoft, so for each course or program update you need to make, you must find that specific course or program and make the edit via its own proposal.

I have to update requirements in one of my programs, but I’m not sure how to edit the curriculum table I find in CIM. Can I just type text in this space or copy over my advising sheet?

One of the most significant changes we made to the catalog when we went live with our new online version was to clean-up each program’s curriculum, so there is now a standard format for that information. It was our goal to provide more clarity to the students.  Students are also able to print that page and use it as an advising sheet.  To that end, we ask that you follow the procedures for “creating a catalog-ready program curriculum in CIM” as outlined in the CIMBasic-Programs Training Guide .  There is also a training video posted for help editing or adding a curriculum table.

Can I access the documentation and requested changes from a previous proposal?

Yes, a record of any proposal that passes through a complete workflow in CIM is retained in the CIM database.  You can access prior proposals by searching for the topic (i.e., a specific course, program, or policy) in CIM and selecting a date listed under "History" on the right-hand side of the screen.  These dates are links to previous proposals, where you will find the changes requested and any documentation that was submitted at the time.  Older proposals that went through CAPC prior to CIM implementation cannot be accessed through the database.

Impact Statements

CAPC Impact Statement Form

Course Definitions

Definitions Document


The following rubrics are used to review all syllabi:

Accelerated Program Checklists


Distance Education Requirements

The checklists below outline information required when preparing Distance Education proposals.

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