Course, program, and policy proposals are reviewed in the appropriate committee (list below), discussed at a meeting of the CAPC Executive Committee, and then brought before the General Assembly.

(2023-2024 CAPC Member Terms )

2023-2024 CAPC Executive Committee

2023-2024 CAPC Members by Committee (IN PROGRESS)

Academic Review Committee

  • Jade Burris, Chair
  • Sami Abdel-Salam
  • Pablo Arriaza, Low Enrollment Advisory Subcommittee Chair
  • Amy Baker
  • Benjamin Chambers
  • Patricia Davidson, Course Review and Revalidation Subcommittee Chair
  • Emily Duckett, Course Delivery Subcommittee Chair
  • Nicole Ramos
  • Liz Staruch, Program Review Subcommittee Chair
  • Jordan Stokes

General Education Committee

  • Karen Mitchell, Chair
  • Md Amiruzzaman (proxy for Linh Ngo)
  • Jenna Becker Kane, Distributive Foundations Subcommittee Chair
  • Kristin Breit
  • Cristobal Cardemil-Krause, Diverse Communities Subcommittee Co-Chair
  • Miguel Ceballos
  • Jelena Colovic-Markovic, Ethics Subcommittee Chair
  • Jenifer Hummer, Speaking Emphasis Subcommittee Chair
  • Taek-yul (Ted) Kim
  • Sarah Lightner, Interdisciplinary Subcommittee Chair
  • Andrew Sargent, Diverse Communities Subcommittee Chair
  • John Taylor, Writing Emphasis Subcommittee Chair
  • Juliet Wunsch
  • Christopher Hanning, Dean (ex-officio)
  • Vacant, Undergraduate Student Rep

Graduate Programs and Policies Committee

  • Lisa Calvano, Chair
  • Jeremy Brazas
  • Nicole Cattano
  • Mark Davis
  • Karen Dickinson
  • Hyunsoo Kim
  • Robert Main
  • Marci Major
  • Ron McColl, Library Faculty Rep
  • Carolyn Meehan
  • Orkideh Mohajeri
  • Mia Ocean
  • Colleen Commisso, CPE Facilitator (ex-officio)
  • Vacant, Graduate Student Rep

Undergraduate Policies Committee

  • Elizabeth Pfaffle, Chair
  • Benjamin Brumley
  • Whitney Katirai
  • Rodney Mader
  • Jen Maresh (proxy for Josh Auld elected seat)
  • Andrew Snyder
  • Valerie Wang
  • Megan Jerabek, Director of Academic Records (ex-officio)
  • Vacant, Undergraduate Student Rep

Undergraduate Programs Committee (UGPC)

  • Josh Auld, Chair (Associate Provost for Academic Affairs)
  • Elizabeth Pfaffle, UGPC Co-Chair
  • Mahmoud Amer, Culture Cluster Subcommittee Chair
  • Francis Atuahene
  • Ann Colgan
  • Gary Coutu
  • Camilo Diaz Pino
  • Matthew Frankel
  • Michael Holik
  • Guojua Jiang
  • Christine Karpinski
  • Sojung Kim
  • Yong Hoon Kim
  • Yan Liu (Grace), Library Faculty Rep
  • Gerardina Martin (proxy for Kevin Dean/Honors)
  • Ian Morrison
  • Dawn Patterson
  • James Pruitt
  • Brent Ruswick
  • Colleen Commisso, CPE Facilitator (ex-officio)
  • Vacant, Undergraduate Student Rep

Course Delivery Subcommittee (reports to Academic Review)

  • Emily Duckett, Chair

Course Review and Revalidation Subcommittee (reports to Academic Review)

  • Patricia Davidson, Chair
  • Jordan Stokes

Culture Cluster Subcommittee (reports to UGPC)

  • Mahmoud Amer, Chair
  • Israel Sanz-Sanchez
  • Sojung Kim

Distributive Foundations Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Jenna Becker Kane, Chair
  • Kristin Breit
  • Metello Mugnai
  • Ralph Sorrentino

Diverse Communities Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Andrew Sargent, Chair
  • Cristobal Cardemil-Krause, Co-Chair
  • Zeinab (Zee) Baba
  • Adam Gumble
  • Jocelyn Manigo
  • Patricia Swasey Washington

Ethics Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Jelena Colovic-Markovic, Chair
  • Taek-Yul (Ted) Kim
  • Tiffany Jones
  • Selen Razon
  • Helen Shroepfer
  • Jess Sullivan-Brown

Interdisciplinary Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Sarah Lightner, Chair
  • Miguel Ceballos
  • Liam Lair
  • Matt Waite

Low Enrollment Advisory Subcommittee (reports to Academic Review)

  • Pablo Arriaza, Chair

Program Review Subcommittee (reports to Academic Review)

  • Liz Staruch, Chair
  • Sami Abdul-Salem
  • Benjamin Chambers

Speaking Emphasis Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • Jenifer Hummer, Chair
  • Juliet Wunsch
  • Karen Watkins
  • Tianran Chen

Writing Emphasis Subcommittee (reports to Gen Ed)

  • John Taylor, Chair
  • Md Amiruzzaman (proxy for Linh Ngo)
  • Michelle Blake
  • Marie Bunner
  • Justin Rademaekers
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