Registration: Enrollment Verification


Use myWCU to:

  1. Login to your myWCU account
  2. Click on the link for Enrollment Verification
  3. When you click on the link for Enrollment Verification, one of your options will be to request an Advanced Registration enrollment verification. You should select this option if the term has not yet begun (see "Early Verification").

About Enrollment Verification

This is a free service provided by West Chester University through the National Student Clearinghouse. You may print off the enrollment verification which is considered an official copy of your enrollment at WCU.

 An Enrollment Verification can be used to verify a student's current enrollment status and/or enrollment history including:

  • the term attended/attending;
  • term start and end dates;
  • how many units (credits) the student is enrolled in for each term;
  • and the student's enrollment status (Full-time, Part, ¾, or Half Time, or no Units/Credits) for each term.

Examples of Enrollment Verification Requests

  • Life and Career
    • Employers (Current and Future)
    • Health Insurers (Dependent qualification requirements)
    • Governmental Agencies (Subsidized Housing; Child Care; Student Travel Visa)
    • Fraternities/Sororities
  • Admissions
    • Higher Education Institutions (Incoming Transfer Students; Graduate School Applicants)
  • Financial Aid
    • Sibling Verification for Financial Aid
    • Loan Companies (Student Loan Deferment)
    • Scholarship Administrations/Organizations (Scholarship qualification)
  • Student Discounts
    • Car Insurance Companies ("Good Student Discount")
    • Automobile and Real Estate Sales Departments (Student Discount)
    • Travel and Tourism Agencies (Student Discounts)
  • Military
    • Law Enforcement/Military Programs

Good Student Discount Certificate

If students need to obtain verification of good student standing in order to get a discount for insurance or other purposes they should pull a Good Student Discount Certificate via myWCU.

  • Students should login to myWCU:
  • Under "Useful Links" Select Enrollment Verification
  • Students will be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse page in myWCU.
  • Click on "Obtain a Good Student Discount Certificate"
  • If a student has a cumulative GPA of "B" or "3.0" or above their Good Student Discount Certificate will be available.
  • The Certificate clearly states "West Chester University uses the following criteria to determining Good Student Discount eligibility: A cumulative grade point average of "B" or "3.0" or above." This will allow insurance companies and other providers to understand the Good Student Standing qualifications.
  • If a student does not meet the Good Student Discount eligibility criteria and clicks on "Obtain a Good Student Discount Certificate" the following error message will appear: "We are unable to verify your eligibility for the Good Student Discount designation based on the information from your institution. If you believe this information is incorrect you should contact your Registrar's office."

Degree Verification

An Enrollment Verification will include the student's Current Program of Study including the Career, Academic Program, Academic Plan s/he is admitted under, and what Degree s/he is currently pursuing. It will also include the student's current expected completion date.

Once a degree is showing as awarded on a student's West Chester University data record (under "Unofficial Transcript"), approximately 8 weeks thereafter an Enrollment Verification can be printed to provide as an official verification of the degree programs you have completed and what degrees awarded on your record. The verification will at this time show the completion date and degree program information at the time of the awarding/conferral. Please note: some institutions may require an official transcript instead (see "Transcript Requests").

Early Verification

Most institutions and companies can wait until the enrollment information is available online. However, sometimes there may be an extenuating situation where a verification may be requested before the term has begun, for example due to a change of insurance companies, a scholarship summer (bill date) deadline, or the student is returning to school after being out for a length of time. For a situation like this, choose the option "Advanced Registration" if the term has not begun yet. Once the term begins, this option is no longer available - "Current Enrollment" or "All Enrollment" should be chosen instead.
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