WEst Chester University Business Services Office

The Office of Business Services

strives to make the procurement, contracting, and payment process as simple, cost effective and efficient as possible. Our role is to make sure that all procurement and contract activities follow the legal mandates governing procurement (Act 57) while attempting to find solutions and strategies to help expedite and simplify the process.



Business Services

is part of Finance and Business Services and is comprised of the following organizational units and functional responsibility areas:
  • Accounts Payable
  • Construction Procurement
  • Purchasing
  • West Chester University Post Office
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Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Office has primary responsibility for verifying the authenticity of payment requests, obligations and liabilities for checks issued by the University. The office is required to ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to the terms and conditions of properly executed orders and contracts. 

The department manages the university's PCard Program.

The department is also responsible for the processing and payment of all employee related travel expenses.

Construction Procurement

The Construction Procurement Office has primary responsibility for construction, rehabilitation & renovation procurement and real property transactions (leases, agreements of sale, rentals). It also has responsibility for certain specialty contracts, such as Professional Service Agreements (Architectural, Engineering, Construction Management, etc.), and coordination of open-ended agreements initiated by the State System of Higher Education Construction Support Office.


The Purchasing Office has primary responsibility for the purchase of all goods and non-construction services on campus. This includes all categories of supplies, equipment and furnishings. Service contracts and other forms of contracts from this office include, but are not limited to: the provision of Food Service, Interpreter Services, Elevator Service, Library Acquisitions, Maintenance Agreements, Scientific Equipment Service, Consultant Services, Cash Transport, Refuge Collection and Disposal, Specialty Mailing Services, Pest Control, Turf Maintenance, Specialty Software, Graphics & Printing Services and Copier Acquisition/Services, etc.

University Post Office

The University’s on-campus post office provides, for the campus community, the majority of the postal services available at any United States Postal office.  The hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. Please note the University Post Office is closed daily from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

The University Post Office is located at 887 S. Matlack Street.

The University Post Office can be contacted at 610-436-2744.

Competitive Bidding

As a public entity and a member of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) certain bidding requirements are either mandated or have been adopted by West Chester University as good business practice. The Commonwealth Procurement Code commonly known as ACT 57, requires that bids be solicited for all purchases equal to or exceeding the defined bid threshold with a few specific exceptions. 

Please visit the West Chester University Policy Library for current policies, including the university's Purchasing Policies and Contracting Policy.

Vendor Information

Products and services commonly procured include scientific equipment, office supplies and furnishings, chemicals, repair and service agreements, construction projects, library holdings, art supplies, maintenance parts, automotive supplies, custodial supplies, fuels, and many other educational and plant support items.

Additional information about doing business with West Chester University, can be found:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Affiliation Agreement? Who can sign an Affiliation Agreement

An affiliation agreement is between a university and another entity for purposes of providing an educational opportunity for students generally in a supervisory situation such as a clinical experience, an internship program, or a student teaching assignment. Such contracts can be with federal agencies (i.e. prisons or Veterans Administration Hospitals), other state entities, school districts or private companies/businesses. The purpose of such agreements is to memorialize each party’s rights and responsibilities in regards to this educational opportunity.

An articulation agreement is between two academic institutions regarding the administration of a joint degree or a cooperative academic program, as opposed to an internship or clinical experience. 

Only the President of the University may sign an agreement and any other party specifically delegated by the President in writing . No person should sign an agreement on behalf of the University unless they are specifically delegated to do so. A person without delegation who signs an agreement will be acting outside the scope of his or her employment and can be held personally liable for obligations created by the inappropriate signing of the agreement.

Additional details on Affiliation Agreements (and signing authority) are included in the university's Purchasing Policy, found on West Chester University's Policy Library site.

Are advertisements for commercial sales permissible? Is literature distribution permissible? Can fund raising events be held on campus?

The University is interested in regulating commercial activity on its campus in order to promote an educational rather than a commercial atmosphere, to promote fire safety, to maintain its buildings and grounds, to provide security for its students and employees, to prevent commercial exploitation of students and employees, and to preserve residential tranquility.

Please review the university's Commercial Advertising and Sales Policy, found on West Chester University's Policy Library site.

Who can sign a contract or agreement on behalf of the University?

The University President alone has the authority to sign contracts or agreements that bind the University unless the President delegates this authority, in writing, to others. No person, excepting the written delegates, may sign contracts or agreements involving the University. 

Details on Contracting Authority (and signing authority) are included in the university's Purchasing Policy, found on West Chester University's Policy Library site.