Residency for Military

To support our US active-duty Military and Veterans and to comply with PA Act 14 (2023), WCU will extend in-state tuition to the following populations regardless of VA education benefit eligibility:

  1. All US Veterans (including spouses and dependents) regardless of state of residency,
  2. Active-duty military (including spouses and dependents) who are stationed in Pennsylvania and lives in Pennsylvania, and
  3. Any civilian who works on at Department of Defense facility stationed in Pennsylvania and live in Pennsylvania (including spouses and dependents).

In-state tuition rates apply to all courses and program, regardless of modality (in-person, hybrid, or distance education). Students are responsible for the associated fees for their program and/or courses.

According to WCU policy, your residency status may require you to supply extra documentation to ensure you receive the proper, in-state tuition benefits.

How Do I Provide Proof of Residency for In-State Tuition Benefits?

Please visit the Greg and Sandra Weisenstein Veterans Center Benefits section on Eligibility for PA In-State Tuition Benefits for all required documentation and contact information.