Registration: Undergraduate Non-Degree - WCU Accepted Students

Information for #WCUAccepted Students 

Congratulations on your acceptance into the undergraduate program at West Chester University! We look forward to having you become an integral part of our campus community. If you will be starting in your degree program during the Fall or Spring, the undergraduate non-degree program is a great way for you to get a jump start on your college journey.  The undergraduate non-degree program will allow you to register for classes the semester prior to your admission semester, typically during the Winter or Summer. 

If you are interested in registering as a non-degree student, we recommend that you reach out to our office prior to the start of open registration for the semester.  This will allow time for our office to build your non-degree record, assess prerequisite requirements for the course, as well as communicate with Department Chairs, if deemed necessary.  Although applicants will not be permitted to register until open registration, it will ensure that you are prepared, increasing the likelihood of obtaining a seat in the course.  Please consult the Academic Calendar for our open registration dates.

The grades earned as a non-degree student will remain on your transcript and be included in the computation of the cumulative GPA for your degree program.

If you are a student who qualifies for accommodations, please see the Office of Educational Accessibility (OEA) website for information on the level of accommodation provided for college courses.  Please contact OEA to submit appropriate disability documentation.

Application Process for #WCUAccepted Students

  1. Please email the Office of the Registrar at
    • In that email, state that you are #WCUAccepted and would like to activate a non-degree record to start taking classes the semester prior.
    • To expedite your request, include the EXACT class information, so we can make sure you meet prerequisite requirements and grant you permission to enroll.  All students are required to meet prerequisite requirements for every course, and provide proof, if requested.  

Not #WCUAccepted Yet? - THAT'S OK!

If you have submitted an application with the Office of Admissions and have not heard back, you are considered an APPLIED student.  You can still take classes as a non-degree student, but the application process is a little different - CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!