Alumni and External Groups

The purpose of these policies is to ensure equitable, appropriate usage of WCU facilities, and to protect individuals and university assets.

  • WCU Alumni 
    Alumni should contact the Alumni Office (610-436-2813) and/or the Office of Conference Services (610-436-6931) for assistance with their needs.
  •  External Groups 
    The University, from time to time, is able to provide facilities to support other non-University events. Inquiries can be made through the Office of Conference Services (610-436-6931) by individuals/associations without University sponsorship.

Set Up & Clean Up

  • It is preferred that academic spaces are used “as-is” and no additional resources (tables, chairs, etc.) are requested.  If additional resources or set-up is needed, these services can be secured by working with the office in which you are making your request (Office of Conference Services / Alumni Relations).  If this request is not made, neither assistance nor additional resources for changes in space layout or set-up will be provided. 
  • University facilities used for an event MUST be restored to the original condition and in good order at the end of the event.  This can either be completed by the group at the end of the event, or pre-arranged through Office of Conference Services / Alumni Relations.  Keeping a space in good order includes:
    • Straightening chairs, desks, and tables.
    • Turning off lights.
    • Ensuring any technology used is turned off.
    • Removing everything one came in with (such as paper, flyers, decorations, etc.).
    • Gathering and disposing of trash in the receptacles.  If there is more trash than the receptacle can hold, large dumpsters are located outside the buildings.


  • If overtime of University support personnel is required, the organization/group needing the service may be liable for the expenses incurred to provide the service. For more information see the "Fees" section below.
  • Support service departments are concerned about providing adequate, efficient support to events. Prompt feedback would be appreciated by these departments from organizations/groups requesting support so that ongoing adjustments can be made to improve quality.

Food & Beverages

Academic spaces are intended to be used as classrooms. They are not intended for banquets, catered events, dinners, or parties.  Bringing food and beverages into any academic space is discouraged. 

Food and beverages are NOT PERMITTED in the following spaces/areas:

  • BPC 101: Business & Public Management Center, Room 101
  • EOB 068: E.O. Bull Center Main Stage, Room 068
  • MER 112: Merion Science Center, Room 112
  • MER 113: Merion Science Center, Room 113
  • MNH 168: Main Hall Auditorium, Room 168
  • PAC 140: Performing Arts Center Theatre, Room 140
  • PHL 114: Emilie K. Asplundh Concert Hall, Room 114
  • SECC 108: Sciences & Engineering Center and The Commons, Room 108
  • SSL 151: Science Complex Link Auditorium, Room 151
  • All rooms in SWOPE Music Building (SMB)
  • All computer labs
  • Any specialty spaces (i.e. sciences labs) as determined by the overseeing department.

Alcohol, Smoking, & Safety


  • Alcoholic beverages are generally not permitted in or on WCU Facilities. For more information, please refer to the Facility Use Policy, posted on the Office of Conference Services website.
  • Special permission for the serving of alcoholic beverages must be endorsed by the appropriate Vice President and approved by the WCU President prior to the event.


  • All WCU facilities are non-smoking.
  • Contact the Facility Administrator for information regarding the designated smoking areas for specific buildings.


  • Legal occupancy figures for every classroom, lecture hall, and meeting space have been determined and distributed by the Fire Marshal.
  • Special decorations must be approved by the Fire Marshal.
  • Open flames are not permitted in any facility.

Support Services & Fees

  • Fees may be charged per Section III of the Facility Use Policy posted on the Office of Conference Services website.
  • If the support service department requires personnel overtime to facilitate the event, the requester may be liable for this expense.
    • The Facilities Division has the right to assign sufficient overtime support to ensure that the event is properly set and cleaned up.
    • Public Safety has the right to assign sufficient staff to provide adequate support for scheduled events.


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