SSC Frequently Asked Question(s)

How to I schedule an appointment with you?

You can schedule an appointment with me by clicking here. I look forward to working with you.

Help! I have a class on North Campus and my next class is on South Campus and I only have 10 minutes to get there. What do I do?

You are encouraged to talk to your professor(s) before switching your class schedule. Some professors are understanding and will allow you to come in a few minutes late or leave a few minutes early to get to your next class. Please remember to talk to your professor(s) early in the semester.

I have a class I am interested in taking that is offered in-person and online. Does it matter which one I take?

No, it does not matter which format you take (online or in-person). It is a matter of personal preference. If you have never taken an online class before you are encouraged to try it to see if you prefer that format.

I am trying to enroll in BIO259 OR BIO269 and the system is saying "Department Consent Required." What do I do?

  • Check to make sure the lab section you are trying to enroll in is available for Kinesiology Majors (see sections below)
  • If so, please email Ms. Karen Sisofo at to request permission. Be sure to include:
    • Your name
    • Student ID Number
    • Lecture section
    • Preferred lab section

***Please Note- Only email Ms. Sisofo once you can enroll in classes. This means do not make the request prior to your Enrollment Date/Time. ***

I have a class that I am interested in withdrawing from. What will a withdraw look like on my transcript and will it impact my GPA?

Withdrawing from a class will not impact your GPA and will appear as a "W" on your transcript indicating that you withdrew from that class. It is a good idea to contact your advisor before you withdraw from the class.

I am enrolled in my classes, but a portion of my schedule shows up in red. Is there an issue?

No, there is no issue. The reason a portion of your schedule is showing up in red is because two (2) of your classes overlap in the same hour. For example, Class #1 meets from 8-9:15am and Class #2 meets from 9:30-10:45am (the red shows up for the 9:00am timeframe).

I am interested in changing my major OR adding/removing a minor. Where do I go in myWCU to submit this change?

You can request a plan change right from myWCU. Log into your account, select the "Academic Records" tile, select "Change/Update/Add Plan" from side menu. Read the instructions and then select the type of change you are requesting from the drop-down menu.

I took a course(s) at my local community college, and I want to transfer them into WCU. How do I go about that?

You should request that the college/university where you completed the course send them to West Chester University’s Registrar’s Office.

I am looking at my class schedule and I do not see a meeting day or time listed for my class. When will the day & time be posted?

If you do not see a day or time listed for your class that means that class meet asynchronously and is 100% online so you will not see a day and time listed.