Campus Climate Intervention Team

About The Campus Climate Intervention Team

The Campus Climate Intervention Team (CCIT) was established in the fall of 1991 to foster an institution-wide climate free from acts of intolerance or prejudice and to establish protocol for responding to and monitoring acts of intolerance or prejudice should they occur.  The CCIT meets up to four times per year.  

                          The CCIT serves as a university-wide committee of faculty, staff and students to

                                      o   understand and monitor the university’s campus climate through active review of campus climate surveys;

                                     o   work proactively to encourage reporting and prevention of acts of discrimination, harassment, intolerance or prejudice..   

                                     o   when needed, serve as an education team to unwelcomed or challenging acts that occur on campus. 

Acts of intolerance or prejudice are behaviors that are threatening, intimidating, and/or offensive toward a person or group of people based on their gender, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, gender identity or sexual orientation. 

The University provides support including counseling, teach-ins or others measures to support communities impacted by acts of intolerance or prejudice. Alleged perpetrators involved in the act of discrimination, harassment or intimidation may be adjudicated according to the University's Student Code of Conduct and may be subject to disciplinary action, if found guilty of violating the Code of Conduct, ranging from a disciplinary reprimand to suspension and expulsion from the University.  Moreover, Pennsylvania has an Ethnic Intimidation Act and an Institutional Vandalism Act. The Ethnic Intimidation Act provides for criminal liability when certain crimes are committed with malicious intention toward the race, color, religion, or national origin of an individual or group, a charge can be added to that of the original crime. This means the person found guilty of a violation of the Ethnic Intimidation Act can also face criminal penalties that can include fines or even possibly a term of incarceration.


Where do I report an act of of discrimination, harassment, intolerance or prejudice?

Acts of discrimination, harassment, intolerance or prejudice should be reported to the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

(In person) at 114 W. Rosedale Avenue

(Online) - Discrimination or Harassment Reporting Form

By phone at (610) 436-2433

What other campus resources can assist me?

Campus Climate Resources

If you want to speak with someone beyond the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, consider contacting one of the resources listed below:

Other University personnel who also can assist you:


  What does the CCIT do?

  • Prevention:recommend initiatives that support a positive University climate.
  • Communication:communicate to the campus the University's commitment to diversity, tolerance, and civility.
  • Anticipation:identify issues and indicators that may give rise to intolerance or prejudice.
  • Response:immediate implementation of specific procedures to ease tension and assist those subjected to intolerance or intolerance or prejudice.
  • Management:recommended steps to be taken after each incident to restore and maintain an amicable environment.

  Who is on the CCIT?

  • Academic Affairs Council Representative, TBA
  • Global Engagement Office, Trachanda Garcia 
  • Residence Life Director, Leah Tobin
  • Public Safety Special Investigator,  Matthew Rychlak
  • Assistant Vice President for Communications & Marketing, Nancy Gainer 
  • Center for Trans and Queer Advocacy, Director, Dr. Kristin English
  • Counseling Center Representative, Rachel Daltry
  • Center for Women and Gender Equity, Director, Lindsey Mosvick
  • Dowdy Multicultural Center, Director, TBA 
  • Faculty Member, Dr. Tammy James
  • Faculty Member,  Dr. Ellie Brown
  • Faculty Member, Dr. Kathleen Riley
  • Faculty Member, Dr. Liam Lair
  • Faculty Senate Representative, Dr. Simon Ruchti
  • AFSCME Representative, Carolyn Evans
  • Vice President for University Affairs, Andy Lehman
  • College of Arts and Humanities, Dr. Jeanine Minge
  • SGA – Alexis Varner
  • Athletics, Kellianne Milliner
  • Director of Communications and Marketing, Sabrina Rightmer
  • Center for Civic Engagement and Social Impact, Dr. Rita Patel
  • Student Conduct, Chris Brenner
  • Vice President for Diversity , Equity & Inclusion, Dr. Tracey Robinson (Chair)

Do you have any suggestions?

The CCIT welcomes your suggestions. Please contact Dr. Tracey Robinson, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at 610.436.1104 or the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at 610.436.2433.

Published by West Chester University, Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Revised Fall 2019.