How the Registrar Helps Graduate Students

The Registrar oversees the following for Graduate Students:

  • Academic Calendar
  • Registration: Enrollment Verification
  • Registration: Degree Verification
  • Registration: Enrollment Appointments & Term Activation
  • Grades: Sending WCU Transcripts
  • Residency Appeals

Graduate Studies oversees the following for Graduate Students:

  • Enrollment overrides (closed class, etc)
  • Graduation clearances
  • Diplomas
  • Teacher certification completion
  • Student Record cleanup
  • Dual Registration
  • Discontinuation
  • Course Schedules
  • Course & Term withdrawals
  • Cancellation- Registering students who are dropped for non-payment
  • Transfer of credits into WCU
  • Change of major/minor
  • Petitions
  • Leave of Absence
  • Grade appeals
  • Course enrollment forms for individual instruction, etc.
  • Course audit forms
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