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Navigate is a student success platform playing a crucial role in helping us achieve the Moon Shot for Equity Mission to erase student success equity gaps in the next ten years. The platform will be utilized to streamline student advising, course planning, class registration, monitoring degree progress, alerts, and student engagement through various forms of communication. 

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Navigate provides a streamlined way to provide strategic, coordinated care across an undergraduate student's journey at WCU— everything from faculty feedback on student progress to cross-campus referrals. 

  • What does Navigate help us do?
    • 360-degree student profiles
    • Track and manage student records, trends, and advising
    • Enhance communication with students 
    • Use various tools including forms, notes, and reminder tools to manage relationships with advisees and students
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You're able to focus on what matters through one streamlined app.

  • The Navigate Student App features: 
    • Advisor appointment scheduling 
    • Your class schedule 
    • Campus resources 
    • To-do lists — like registration deadlines, advising reminders, etc 
    • And more! 
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Navigate Network


Navigate Sponsor

Navigate Sponsor: Megan Jerabek

The sponsor is responsible for the effective development and rollout of the Navigate system across campus. They will bring the engagement teams together to work through recommendations, provide direction to the system administrators that implement the system, and engage with the broader advisory committee to ensure the system utilization is meeting university student success needs.

Megan Jerabek currently serves as the Senior Associate Vice President for Academic & Enterprise Systems and University Registrar. In this role she works to leverage technology in a way that empowers students and the faculty & students who support them. Megan has been with WCU for over 7 years serving in multiple capacities to support enrollment technology, student success, retention, and student records. She has worked in higher education for over 15 years at both private and public institutions.

Navigate Administrator

Navigate Administrator: Gail Farally-Semerad

The Administrator serves as the University expert and primary point of contact for the Student Success Platform and as the platform champion. In this role, the administrator is responsible for all system setup and configuration, access management, university-wide training, and user support; identifying and escalating any student data challenges or integration issues; offering opportunities to learn about and utilize the system; and championing new functionality or tools within the platform to support student success and engagement.

Dr. Gail Farally-Semerad is the Navigate Student Success Platform Administrator. Her role in the Moon Shot for Equity Mission is leading the implementation and growth of the Navigate platform across campus. She has spent over two decades in higher education in positions dedicated to Academic Support, Academic Advising, Student Success and Retention, Information Technology, and has taught undergraduate and graduate coursework. She earned her Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership from Widener University with a research focus on factors that impact student success and retention. Her MA is in Adult Education, and her BS is in Liberal Studies from Widener University. Gail is looking forward to working with the faculty, staff, and students to help students identify and mitigate their academic and personal challenges and find new ways to foster success and improve equity.

Application Administrators & Technical Manager 

Application Administrators: Rachel Komlos & Matt Bilko  
Technical Project Manager: Danielle Zimmerman

The application administrators and technical manager are the experts in the Navigate system and responsible for its proper setup and support. The application administrators will be part of the design recommendation, and be ultimately responsible for execution and user support. These administrators help to make the recommendations of the Engagement Teams a reality within the system.

Engagement Teams

The cross-functional engagement teams recommend system configuration, design, and utilization. During this phase of implementation, we are seeking nominations for the following engagement teams:

Academic Information Team

Co-Chairs: Lauren Swift, Mary Brewster

Members: Jen Bacon, Kelly Peltier, Stephanie Kienle, Ann Hiloski-Fowler, Scott Yannick, Jessica McMahan, Ralph Sorrentino, Susan Gans

This team will determine configuration for WCU’s use of appointment scheduling, student profile, appointment alerts, and appointment notes. This group will also discuss how we will categorize students in the system for outreach and engagement.

Student Content Team

Co-Chairs: Sabrina Rightmer, Kristin English

Members: Desha Williams, Ellen DiSanti, Stevie Grassetti, Tabetha Adkins, Tammy James, Thom Nixon, Will Hillegeist, Ben Morgan, Melissa Rudolph, Frank Stern

Navigate has the functionality to roll out content to students via the mobile app. This can be used to send reminders, kudos, check-in surveys, etc. The Student Content team explores and operationalizes the timing, tone, and text of student content.

Workflow Engagement Team

Co-Chairs: Johny Tadros, Karen Dickinson

Members: Amy Pajewski, Christy Lanshe, Joanne Sullivan, Karen Johnson, Lauren Zahour, Megan Mraz, Mary Clark, Maria Stetter, Jocelyn Manigo, Kaitlyn Machcisnki, Garbo Goodkin

The workflow team will recommend the automatic workflows within the system. What happens when a faculty member raises a student alert? What happens when the student raises a question? What alerts will then create a student support case? What are the intervention pathways? Who will close the loop on alerts?  The workflow team will recommend the answers to these student support questions and more.

Training and Championing Team

Co-Chairs: Lisa Montgomery, Courtney Lloyd

Members: Bonnie Young, Cheryl Gunter, David Thomas, Diane D’Arcangelo, Janet Fithian, Lexi McCarthy, Melissa Whidden, Michelle Fisher, Nancy Barker, Pablo Arriaza, Patricia Riley

This team helps to compile communication to advisors, students, faculty, and staff about the Navigate system. They champion excitement and utilization of the system. This group will develop and deliver training to users and explore how best to promote the system across campus.

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