All students are encouraged to review the 2023-24 Financial Checklist to ensure they are securing aid for the upcoming year. 

The 2024-25 FAFSA will be available starting December 2023 (instead of October 1st) as part of the Better FAFSA Better Future updates. Learn more at 

Winter Term for Returning Students
Since winter is not a standard term, eligibility for federal and state aid increases is based on the combined enrollment of both the winter and spring terms. If students are full-time for the spring term, they would not qualify for an increase in aid for the winter term. However, if students are part time in the spring term, they should contact the Office of Financial aid at to determine if they qualify for an increase in financial aid to help cover the cost of their winter courses.

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1. Apply

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Apply for Financial Aid: In-State

Apply for Financial Aid: Out-of-State

Apply for Financial Aid: Summer and Winter Terms

Apply for Special* or Unusual Circumstances*
*Circumstances could include changes to household income, medical expenses, household size, etc.
**Appealing for a Dependency Status Override for Undergraduate Students



2. Review

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3. Manage

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4. Cost Calculator

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Important Dates

October 1 - FAFSA Open Date (with the exception of the 2024-25 FAFSA which will be available December 2023). 

January 15 - Incoming Student Scholarship Application Open Date

February- Incoming Financial Aid Offers Emailed to Accepted Students

March 1 - WCU Priority Deadline for FAFSA

March 15 - General Scholarship Application Open Date

March 15 - Summer Financial Aid

May 1 - PA Resident FAFSA Deadline for State Grant Consideration

May- Satisfactory Academic Progress Notices Sent

June- Returning Student Financial Aid Offers Emailed

June 15 - Priority Deadline for Verification

June 30- Priority Deadline for PLUS & Private Loan Application for following year

Financial Aid Checklist

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Financial Aid Programs

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