Institute For Women

The Institute for Women was initially designated to serve as the parent organization to represent the interests of women on campus. The Institute is an independent body headed by a director and a board of directors. Along with the Commission on the Status of Women, Women's Center, and Women's Studies Program, the Institute for Women engages in campus activities for the benefit of women students, faculty, and staff.

The Institute sponsors a number of activities to enhance the self-esteem and career success of women at the University such as the Graduate Grant program and Endowed Book Funds. The Institute also prepares periodic reports on the status of women at the University and has secured Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship Grants for mature or second career women for more than 25 years.


The Institute for Women is pleased to offer the following scholarships:

  • The Charlotte W. Newcombe Scholarship
  • Institute for Women Graduate Grant

Learn more about these opportunities on the Scholarships page.

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