General Education Assessment

Program Assessment (Assessment of General Education Goals)

The six general education goals are assessed in three-year overlapping cycles. This is done under the oversight of the CAPC General Education Subcommittee. Student artifacts (anonymous) are solicited annually from a sample of courses that focus on the goals of interest that year. These are reviewed and rated by a team of reviewers against specific rubrics for each of the goals being assessed. After the data are analyzed, a report is written and feedback provided to the chair of the department offering the course.

Course Assessment

Review and revalidation of course syllabi (R2) - When a program (typically an entire department including all of its programs) comes up for 5-year review, the relevant syllabi (those for general education foundation, distributive, interdisciplinary, diverse communities, and writing emphasis courses) are reviewed by the CAPC Program Review committee for the R2 process to insure that they continue to reflect the relevant general education goals. At the end of this review and revalidation, the department chair is provided with a summary and the CAPC recommendation for the course: revalidation, or revise and resubmit/re-review.

Departmental assessment of student learning outcomes - On this same cycle, departments provide the results of their own efforts to assess student learning outcomes for each course to the CAPC General Education committee as well as to the program review team. The results and any relevant recommendations are incorporated in the final program review document. The CAPC General Education committee follows up with the department within a year to discuss assessment findings and plan any needed changes, in collaboration with the associate dean and/or the college liaison to the University Assessment Advisory Committee.

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