The mission of the Committee for Excellence in Learning and Teaching includes fostering collaboration among faculty and students to build a scholarly community around issues of learning and teaching. CELT invites proposals for Professional Development Funding to support cutting edge projects to improve student learning. CELT will award up to four development grants this cycle for up to $2,000 for activities to be completed between July 1, 2023 and May 13, 2024.

Applications for 2023-24 implementation are due Feb. 10, 2023 at WCU's InfoReady Review Site.

Projects may include:

  • Pedagogical Activities – projects that result in the use of effective pedagogical strategies to actively engage the student and improve learning.
  • Resource Development- projects that result in the creation of pedagogical resources, such as instructional videos or lesson plans, that can be used by students and/or faculty.
  • Curriculum Activities – projects that result in the development of curricular innovations, such as new or enhanced courses or programs,  that improve student learning. Proposed projects must go beyond acquisition of content knowledge by a faculty member for a course.
  • Training Activities-  projects that result in workshops or other teaching-related professional development opportunities for WCU faculty. 
  • Extra-curricular Activities- projects that develop learning activities for students outside of a particular course.

2022-2023 CELT Funding Recipients

Liu Cui: Accelerate Students' Programming Skills with Extra Curriculum Activities

Elizabeth Grillo: Bringing Estill to WCU

Crystal Loose: Increasing Cultural Awareness through Project-Based Learning

Cristobal Cardemil-Krause: Development of new syllabi for the new BS in Spanish in Healthcare

2020-2021 CELT Funding Recipients

Jade Burris and Jacqueline Van Schooneveld: Integrating Computational Thinking Skills into Teacher Preparation

Grace Liu, Amy Pajewski, and Rachel McMullin: Good Information for Better Decisions: An Interactive Learning Module of Information Source Evaluation for WCU Students

Cheryl Wanko:  Brandywine Project 2022: A Sustainability & Curriculum Workshop for Campus Faculty Leaders

Qi Zou and Li Lu: Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics Case Competition

2019-20 CELT Funding Recipients

Kathleen Riley and Kathryn Solic, “Partnering with Teachers for a Practice-Immersive Literacy Methods Experience.”

Karen Mitchell, “GET SMART: Extensions of a First-year student workshop on evidence-based learning techniques.”

Daniel Baer, “Sports Medicine Master Preceptor Training.”

Cheryl Wanko, “The Brandywine Project 2020: A Sustainability & Curriculum Workshop for Campus Faculty Leaders.”



Celt Tank

Have an idea for CELT professional development funding? Come pitch and your ideas to CELT members and receive feedback on your application.  CELT Tanks for the current application cycle have already occurred. 

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