Frequently Asked Questions - Coaches, Non-Represented, OPEIU, & SPFPA

Can I add a dependent to my health insurance?

There are two opportunities to add a dependent to your insurance: The first is during Open Enrollment, which is held each spring. Changes made during Open Enrollment are effective July 1st. The other is as a result of a Life Event. Only the following are defined as Life Events: Marriage, establishment of a same sex Domestic Partnership, birth, adoption, court order, or loss of other health insurance coverage.

Please note that the addition of a dependent or enrollment in health insurance due to a loss of coverage must be done within 60 days of the date of your qualifying life event.

What should I do if I lose my insurance card?

You should have received separate cards for health/prescription insurance, dental insurance, and vision coverage. If you lose any of your cards please contact the respective insurance company as soon as possible. For specific contact information please visit the Benefits Contact List page.

  Can I change my medical plan?

Medical plan changes can only be made during Open Enrollment.

  What is Employee Self Service, and how do I access it?

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a web-based service provided by the State System of Higher Education (PASSHE), which allows employees to log into a web portal to view their personnel information in the Human Resources/Payroll Systems of SAP. The level of security is similar to accessing commercial sites such as your bank and requires secured password access. Access ESS.

  Can I change my retirement plan?

No, once you are enrolled you will not be able to switch between the three types of retirement plans. However, if you choose to participate in the ARP plan you may change between the four vendors at any time.

  How can I put more money away for retirement?

The University offers the option to enroll in a Tax-Sheltered Annuity and/or in a Deferred Compensation Plan.

  How can I increase the amount of my life insurance?

The university offers employees the opportunity to purchase additional group life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance. Enrollment in the Voluntary Group Life Insurance / AD&D insurance can be done at any time, however a medical history questionnaire may be required before your enrollment is approved.

  How can I enroll in Long Term Disability?

Long Term Disability insurance provides monetary benefits for disabling injuries or illnesses that last beyond the benefit waiting period (90 days or 180 days), whether they occur on or off the job. Enrollment in the Long Term Disability insurance can be done at any time, however a medical history questionnaire may be required before your enrollment is approved.
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