May 7, 2018

WCU at the Intersection of Broadway and Longwood

Several West Chester University students assisted at the Phantom of the Opera concert show for the Chester County Hospital Gala on Saturday, May 5, at Longwood Gardens. They worked with top Broadway talent including Michele McConnell, who just finished her seven-years-plus run singing the role of Carlotta in Phantomon on Broadway. McConnell held the role longer than another other actress. She is married to WCU alumnus Duane McDevitt ’89, who also performed for the hospital gala (top photo, standing, print shirt).

Senior Casey Dzuiba played timpani and percussion (foreground, left), which is his specialty as a WCU music performance major. He was recommended by School of Music Dean Christopher Hanning, who arranged for rehearsals on Friday and Saturday in Swope Hall.

John Leiderman was spotlight operator for the gala event. He is a double major in music education and theatre. He is in the background at left with Michael B. Roman, WCU class of 2018, who served as the concert's stage manager.

Students Rehearsing

Students Rehearsing

Roman is completing a dual degree combining music education with voice and music theory and composition. As a theater arts minor, he said, "Any chance I get to be involved in theatre is an important step in the right direction for me. I have only seen the movie version of Phantom, never any live performance. This was quite a way to get to see it live for the first time!"

The show was produced by Carol Anderson-Duncan '78 of West Chester and Mark York of New York City.